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UTI Mutual Fund, Trivandrum

Address and Phone numbers of Registrar Offices

Address and Phone numbers of Registrar Offices in Thiruvananthapuram / Trivandrum District Under Registration Department, Govt of Kerala

District Registrar General Office Thiruvananthapuram
Address: Transport Bhavan, Fort P.O Thiruvananthapuram -695023
Phone: 0471-2471868

District Registrar Audit Office, Thiruvananthapuram
Address: Transport Bhavan,  Fort P.O, Thiruvananthapuram -695024
Phone: 0471-2471869

Sub Registrar Office, Amaravila
Address: Amaravila P.O, Trivandrum -695122
Phone: 0471-2234399

Sub Registrar Office, Aryanadu
Address: Near Post Office, Aryanad P.O, Thiruvananthapuram,
Phone: 0472-2851940

Sub Registrar Office, Attingal
Address: Kacherry Junction, Attingal P.O, Thiruvananthapuram-695101
Phone: 0470-2623320

Sub registrar Office, Balaramapuram
Address: Thenpamuttam, Balaramapuram P.O, Trivandrum.
Phone: 0471-2403022

Sub Registrar Office, Challai
Address: Near Killippalam Bridge, Karamana P.O, Thiruvananthapuram
Phone: 0471-2345473

Sub Registrar Office, Chirayinkeezhu
Address: Chirayinkil.P.O., Trivandrum 695304
Phone: 0470-2645060

Sub Registrar Office, Kadakkavoor
Address:: Near Kadakkavoor Railway Station, Kadakkavoor P.O,
Thiruvananthapuram.- 695306
Phone: 0470-2658570

Sub Registrar Office, Kallara
Address: Kallara, Trivandrum-695608
Phone: 0472-2860140

Sub Registrar Office, Kanjiramkulam
Address: Kanjiramkulam P.O, Thiruvananthapuram – 695524
Phone: 0471-2264143

Sub Registrar Office, Kanyakulangara
Address: Kanyakulangara, Vembayam P.O. Trivandrum-695615

Sub Registrar Office, Karakulam
Address: Azhikkode, Chekkakonam.P.O., Thiruvananthapuram-695564
Phone: 0472-2886289

Sub Registrar Office, Kattakkada
Address: Kattakkada P.O., Trivandrum – 695572
Phone: 0471-2292484

Sub Registrar Office Kavalayoor
Address: Near Panchayath Office, Kulamuttam P.O
Phone: 0470-2687222

Sub Registrar Office, Kazhakkuttam
Address: Kazhakkuttam .P.O,

Sub Registrar Office, Kilimanoor
Address: RRV HSS Jn, Kilimanoor.P.O.,
Phone: 0470-2670085

Sub Registrar Office, Kulathur
Address: Nalloorvattam, Plamoottikkada.P.O,
Kulathur, Trivandrum.
Phone: 0471-2218567

Sub Registrar Office, Kunnathukal
Address: Karattonam P.O.,
Phone: 0471-2251302

Sub Registrar Office, Malayinkeezhu
Address: Malayinkeezhu P.O,
Phone: 0471-2285546

Sub Registrar Office, Murukkumpuzha
Address: Panoorthooppu, Murukkumpuzha P.O,
Phone: 0471-2420100

Sub Registrar Office, Nagaroor
Address: Altharamoodu,
Phone: 0470-2679300

Sub Registrar Office, Navaikulam
Address: Near Temple, Navaikulam P.O,
Phone: 0470-2694080

Sub Registrar Office,  Nedumangad
Address: Civil Station, Nedumangad,
Phone: 0472-2803564

Sub Registrar Office, Nemom
Address: Nemom P.O,
Phone: 0471-2394242

Sub Registrar Office, Neyyattinkara
Address: Hospital Jn, Neyyattinkara P.O,
Phone: 0471-2225259

Sub Registrar Office, Ooruttambalam
Address:: Ooruttambalam.P.O,
Phone: 0471-2297949

Sub Registrar Office, Ooruttambalam
Address: Ooruttambalam P.O, Trivandrumn -695571
Phone: 0471-2297949

Sub Registrar Office, Ottasekharamangalam
Address: Poozhanadu P.O, Thiruvananthapuram-695125
Phone: 0471-2257505

Sub Registrar Office, Palode
Address: Palode-Pacha P.O, Trivandrum-695562
Phone: 0472-2842666

Sub Registrar Office, Parassala
Address: Parassala P.O, Thiruvananthapuram-695502
Phone: 0471-2203311

Sub Registrar Office, Pattom
Address: Muttada, Muttada P.O, Trivandrum-695025
Phone: 0471-2540870

Sub Registrar Office, Pattom
Address: Muttada, Muttada P.O, Thiruvananthapuram-695025
Phone: 0471-2540870

Sub Registrar Office, Perumkadavila
Address: Perumkadavila.P.O, Trivandrum-695124
Phone: 0471-2278230

Sub Registrar Office, Poovar
Address: Poovar P.O, Thiruvananthapuram-695525
Phone: 0471-2214077

Sub Registrar Office, Pothencode
Address: Pothencode P.O, Trivandrum-695584
Phone: 0471-2716322

Sub Registrar Office, Sasthamangalam
Address: Sasthamangalam P.O, Thiruvananthapuram-695010
Phone: 0471-2728969

Sub Registrar Office, Thiruvallam
Address: Thiruvallam P.O, Trivandrum-695027
Phone: 0471-2381018

Sub Registrar Office, Thiruvananthapuram Pri
Address: Transport Bhavan, Fort P.O,
Phone: 0471-2450425

Sub Registrar Office, Vamanapuram
Address: Vamanapuram P.O, Trivandrum-695606
Phone: 0472-2837171

Sub Registrar Office, Varkala
Address: Maithanam, Varkala P.O,

Sub Registrar Office, Vellanad
Address: Near KSRTC Bus Stand, Vellanad P.O,
Phone: 0472-2884662

Sub Registrar Office, Vellarada
Address: Vellarada P.O,
Phone: 0471-2243700

Sub Registrar Office, Venganoor
Address: Venganoor P.O,
Phone: 0471-2487700

Sub Registrar Office, Vithura
Address: Vithura P.O,
Phone: 0472-2859444