Kannammoola / kannamoola

Kannammoola / kannamoola a major place centrally located at Thiruvananthapuram, has a glorious past and is directly associated with Kerala history and culture. It is the birth place of Chattambi Swamigal, one of the greatest scholar-saints of Kerala. Velu Thampi Dalawa, the former Diwan of the Travancore Province, was hung by the British here.
The famous Akkulam Lake is easily accessible from Kannammoola. The nearest airport is Trivandrum International Airport. Pettah Railway Station and  Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway Station are nearest Railway Stations.

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Location of Kannammoola (Satellite view)

Shri Vidyadhiraja Chattambi Swamigal

Shri Vidyadhiraja Chattambi Swamigal, one the greatest scholar-saints of Kerala, was born at the historic town Kannamoola in Thiruvananthapuram on August 25, 1853. Earlier called Kunjan Pillai, he was a social reformer, a contemporary of Shri Narayana Guru. Chattambi Swamigal, was probably so named from his position as a class monitor, then called ‘Chattambi.’ The title stayed on, perhaps because of his daring, unconventional and questioning attitude.
Swamigal fought against the rigid caste system and social vices, challenging the prevalent value system. In his book ‘Pracheena Malayalam,’ Chattambi Swamigal argues that the evil of caste and the superiority claims of the Brahmins are without any logic and severely criticizes the Brahmin domination of that period. He wrote several books on religion and spirituality. Chattamby Swami's meeting with Swami Vivekananda in 1892, was instrumental in bringing about social change in a caste-ridden society. Chattambi Swamigal entered Samadhi at Panmana, 18 km north of Kollam, in 1924.